Creating, Editing and Posting an Image Gallery

Creating and posting galleries to web pages is a multi-step process in the SiteMaker Xi platform.  All galleries are managed in the galleries tool under the Site Editor Tab.  Once you have created a gallery, you can then choose to insert any gallery onto any page of your site as a slideshow or thumbnail gallery using the Image Gallery Section Type.  This tutorial will walk you through the entire process from creating and editing a gallery, to inserting a gallery onto a page of your site.

Creating and Selecting a Gallery to Edit

1) Log into the SiteMaker content management system
2) Select the "Site Editor" Tab at the top of the window
3) Click the "Galleries" icon in the row below the tabs

To add a new gallery, click the "New Gallery" button on the screen, this will direct you to a screen to upload your photos to the gallery.

To modify an existing gallery, click on the name of the gallery you'd like to modify.

Editing a Gallery

There are 3 components to an image gallery; The gallery name, images, and captions.  Modify the gallery by selecting and editing the appropriate fields. To upload new images to the gallery, click the "Select Files" button on the right side.  (If you do not see the button, be sure Flash is enabled in your browser). You can select up to 20 files to upload at a time using the standard "select multiple" function for your computer, by either holding down CTRL while you select files, or on a Mac holding the Command button while you select.  Only JPG, PNG and GIF files are allowed in the galleries.

Each photo uploaded will have a field adjacent for the inclusion of a caption.  There is also a "Reorder" button below the image list that will open an interface to drag and reorder the images within the gallery. 

Once you have completed your changes to the gallery, click the "Save" button at the top or bottom of the screen. 



Adding your gallery to a page on your site

Now that you have a gallery completed, you need to insert it onto the page which you'd like it to display.  In the row of icons below the tabs, select the "Sitemap" icon.  Now click on the page where you'd like the gallery to display.  If you would like to put it on a new page, create the page before moving on.   

At the bottom of the screen use the drop selector for the "Add Section" button and select "Insert Gallery Section" then click the "Add Section" button.  

You will now be presented with a blank section for a new gallery:


Use the fields on the screen to select your gallery from the list of galleries on the site, and then choose and configure the display type and parameters.  After you have configured your slideshow, click the save button at the top of the page or click "Save and View Section" to save the gallery section but continue editing.  The gallery will now appear on your site.


DO NOT INCLUDE MORE THAN ONE GALLERY ON A SINGLE PAGE.  While this may work in thumbnail view, it may cause problems with the slideshow display.  If you have problems with the configuration of your gallery section or it is not displaying properly, please contact support via the ticket system for assistance.


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