Why doesn't my image show up on the website?

Sometimes after uploading an image to your website  you may see a small icon where the image is supposed to be which looks like one of these:

Generally,  what this means is that the image is 1) Missing 2) Corrupt or 3) in the wrong color format.   The most common problem is images in the wrong color format.  When saving images, there are two different color formats which can be selected: CMYK, and RGB.  CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) is a 4 color ink standard used for printed materials, and generally will not work in electronic media such as websites.  Many of the latest versions of web browsers can automatically correct this, but it is still a problem for the masses.  RGB (Red Green Blue )is the electronic standard.  Your images should always be saved in RGB,

Typically images are set to CMYK during the scanning process.  There is usually a setting within a scanner that you can toggle between the 2 formats.  Consult your scanner help documentation for more information.  If someone emails you an image, and you experience this problem, you'll need to convert the image prior to upload.  You can test the image by opening it with internet explorer.  If it opens, it's fine.  If you get one of the icons above, it wont work.

Adobe offers a product called Photoshop Elements which will allow you to open the file, then convert to RGB and re-save the file.  It is only $79 and well worth it.

To convert an image with Photoshop Elements:
1) Open Photoshop
2) In the menu at the top Click on File -> Open
3) Choose your image in the windows dialog box and open
4) In the menu at the top choose Image -> Mode -> RGB
5) In the menu at the top choose File -> Save for Web (in most cases the default settings on this screen will work fine, just make sure to select JPG in the option field on the right side.)

Now that you have converted your image, simply upload it to you website or online memorial.


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