Uploading, Embedding Images and Linking to Files

Uploading and linking to files on such as PDFs on your website is a two step process.  The first step is to upload the file to the repository using the upload screen under the SiteMaker "Site Editor" tab.



Using the file selector on this screen, upload your files, and provide names in the fields as needed.  You can upload multiple files at once by selecting multiple files from the dialog while holding the ctrl or command button while you click (depending on mac/pc).  Flash is required to be enabled to use the file uploader.

Now that you have uploaded and named your files, click on the Sitemap icon to return to your list of pages.  Click on the page which you would like the file to appear as a downloadable link or embedded image (jpg, png files only).  Then choose the section you'd like the link in.  This must be a "General Content" section type which includes the text editor.

Embedding an Uploaded Image on a page

On the text editor you will find an icon that looks like a small photograph of a mountain and a sun.  This is the embed image button.  Click in the text editor where you would like the image to be inserted, and click the insert image button.


When you click the insert image icon, you will be shown an "Insert Image" dialog box.  Use the "Image List" drop list to select the image you'd like to embed.  There are several other parameters you can set on this dialog window as well. If you are inserting an image hosted on another website, you can enter the direct source of the image instead of selecting an uploaded image.  You can set specific dimensions and on the Advanced Tab, you can define some style attributes.  


If you would like to make the image responsive for different devices, you must insert the image, then using the source mode tool <> on the tool bar, completely remove the height and width attributes from the image.



Linking to an Uploaded File

On the text editor you will find an icon that looks like a chain link.  This is the insert link button. Highlight your text in the text editor and click that link to hyperlink the text.


When you click he insert link icon, you will be shown an "Insert Link" dialog box.  Use the drop list for "Link List" to select your file (you can also select pages on your site to create contextual navigation), and click the "Ok" button.  


Your text should now be linked.  Save the page and you are done.  You have created a link to an uploaded file on your website.


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